See the Ford Fiesta at Greiner Ford of Casper

What features do you look for when purchasing a new car? Our team understands the various features of each car so that we can best guide you on what you’re looking for.

Take the 2018 Ford Fiesta, for example, this popular subcompact car is built with safety in mind. At its core is boron steel that reinforces key areas of the Fiesta.

Combined with dual-stage driver and side-curtain airbags the Fiesta can help keep you safe in the event of a collision.

When cold weather hits, the available cold weather package can make morning drives a little easier. The…

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The Ford Mustang's EcoBoost Performance Package

While sports cars are known for their flashy designs and powerful engines, they also keep its driver comfortable while also providing features that ensure your safety while driving. This is why it's not a surprise that the Ford Mustang is one of the most popular vehicles in its category. There is plenty about this vehicle that makes it a good one.

The EcoBoost and its Premium model contains a 3.55 TORSEN slip differential along with 19-inch Ebony Black painted aluminum wheels, and some summer exclusive tires to boot. Other features include bigger brake rotors and an aluminum instrument…

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Ford Explorer packed With Beneficial Technology Features

There are a number of reasons why the Ford Explorer is still a popular three-row SUV, one of them being the list of beneficial technology features.

The Ford Explorer is going to keep you connected to the web even on the go. This SUV has four smart-charging USB ports, as well as a 110-volt outlet. This means that you and your passengers will have more than enough power to keep your devices at a full charge and allowing you to stay connected on the road.

The SYNC 3 responsive voice-activated technology...


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Ford Focus RS Technology Features

Whenever you think of a car that offers the latest in greatest in new technology, you might not think of a compact performance hatchback. But the Ford Focus RS is different from many other compact performance hatchbacks particularly for that reason.

One thing that makes the Ford Focus RS one of the more advanced cars in its class is its intelligent access option that allows you to start the ignition with a push of the button and open the car door while the key is near the front driver's side door. It is also equipped with a SYNC® 3…
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Design Features of the New Ford Fusion Hybrid

The new Ford Fusion Hybrid is a hybrid sedan that is growing in popularity among car enthusiasts. These are a few design features you'll want to consider before buying another automobile.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is going to take all the work out of operating the cruise control. Simply set the Adaptive Cruise Control and your vehicle will monitor the road to maintain that speed. If a car is in front of you going slower than your speed, the brakes are engaged and powered down enough to maintain a safe distance. Once the car moves on, the cruise will…
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Ford Certified Pre-Owned Overview

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, the process of finding something within your budget that you actually like can be overwhelming, and stressful. If you are finding plenty of vehicles that you like, but can't find the money to buy or lease them, you might want to take a look at some of the Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that we have on our lot. This is a great opportunity to get a good quality vehicle, at an affordable price. Not to mention, you can utilize some great features, like an extended warranty that will cover some…
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Snuggle into a 2018 Ford Focus ST for a Taste of Exclusive Interior Features

Welcome to the high-performing 2018 Ford Focus ST. This vehicle has a list of exclusive interior features that you will find interesting. Learn more about why this popular compact performance hatchback vehicle is turning heads.

Interior Features
  • Illuminated entry and map light for clear visibility
  • Dual Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control System that will regulate the climate
  • Tilt and telescoping heated steering wheel adjustable in four ways
  • ...


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Ford Taurus Performance

The vast majority of people who come through the doors here at Greiner Ford of Casper are looking for an affordably priced vehicle that still packs a lot of punch. The Ford Taurus is a vehicle that originally came on the scene in the mid 80's and it has been sold in great quantity since then. It has always been very affordable and you also get safety, power and functionality in this vehicle. Let's take a closer look:

This year's Taurus comes equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that puts out 288 horsepower along with an…
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Haul Large Payloads with the 2018 Ford Super Duty

A truck is only as good as its hauling power. If you're considering a 2018 Ford Super Duty, you'll be happy to know that this popular heavy-duty pickup has a beefy build that ready to do all the hard lifting for you.

The frame of the Super Duty is fully-boxed. It's made of 95% high-strength steel and utilizes 10 cross pieces for extra stability. This unique build will help keep the truck rigid and prevent any unwanted twisting. The frame is support by a strong suspension system and axles that have impressive weight-bearing capabilities. They're specifically…

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The 2018 Ford Mustang: Blending Performance and Technology

Just because you want a sports vehicle doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your comfort. The advanced features found in the new Ford Mustang have turned this iconic muscle car into a luxury ride.

With the 390-watt Shaker Pro Audio System, you are going to experience world-class sound quality at all times. Shaker’s patented HD Radio Technology produces clear tones with no distortion. In addition to Sirius XM Radio, you can also play your favorite songs and podcasts with 

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