The Ford F-150 Lightning is an electric truck that has people buzzing. It's in high demand everywhere, and for those who are able to get one here at our dealership when they are available, they're going to find it's an advanced ride that's enjoyable. It also doesn't sacrifice in power with quality numbers, including towing. But, to be sure you have enough range while towing, the F-150 Lightning takes to the cloud.

With technology called Intelligent Range along with Power My Trip, the F-150 Lightning will send data to the cloud based on what you're towing or hauling, find similar situations from other F-150 Lightning drivers, and then use that data to give you better details. It only gets better with more data, and that gets reflected in over the air updates. With Power My Trip, it allows you to pre-plan and plot out routes where you can find charging stations and more. This means both tools make it easier to do things you expect from a truck onboard the F-150 Lightning.

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