The Ford Bronco has already made big waves here and our dealership and across the country. Everyone wants to experience it, and now there's a new and exciting edition coming. It's the Ford Bronco Raptor, which is set to offer the highest levels of power and capability.

Much like the F-150 Raptor, this is a specialized edition of the Bronco. The details for now are relatively sparse, but there are things we know. We do know that the Bronco Raptor will sport larger tires, have an increased riding height, have more horsepower, and off-road parts like shocks. This is for the people who love heading off the beaten path and performing, and it showcases the Bronco as a true vehicle meant for any terrain. The Bronco Raptor is set for arrival in early 2022, and we'll be sure to provide updates along the way.

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