The Ford F-150 is a versatile truck in many ways. But, many people don't know it has an onboard generator option available, and that can come in handy. It did recently for one couple, who had a pair of reliable friends with an F-150 at their wedding reception.

According to People Magazine, the couple was enjoying their wedding celebration when a storm hit. Once it passed quickly things were back to normal, but then the power went out. Their friends, both who work at Ford, new that their F-150 had an onboard generator, and they were able to get the power back up and the party going. Onboard F-150 models there's three different systems available from 2.0-kW to 7.2-kW. You can ask us which one is the right fit for you and know that your next F-150 can power you in more situations than just driving!

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