It's no surprise when a subcompact like the popular Ford Fiesta zips by and turns your head. The Fiesta's sporty exterior looks like it could get a speeding ticket standing still. But the Fiesta is not just another pretty package. It's beautiful on the inside, too.

The Fiesta's interior materials and sloping curves are soft by design. The accent items are metallic-painted to give you a distinct, friendly feel. There's no hard plastic or sharp corners here. The center console is friendly to your tech with plenty of tech all its own. Plugged in or dialed in, you're never out of touch inside the Fiesta. You can match inside to the outside, too. Ford's seven available interior color combinations are sure to give you a great interior-exterior match.

Stop by Greiner Ford of Casper and check out all the ways Fiesta is the most beautiful subcompact in the Casper area, inside and out.


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