Are you looking for a cargo van or a wagon capable of transporting a family? You can have both in one single package! Check out the Ford Transit Connect. The sleek-looking vehicle delivers on performance and other features. Among the top benefits are the exceptional convenience factors.

"Little" things can have great value, which is why features such as wireless charging come off as appreciated. Struggling to deal with a hardwire cable can prove distracting. A built-in wireless system wipes out all the woes associated with the traditional way of doing things.

Getting in and out of a vehicle should not come with extra steps and hassles. Dual sliding doors adds the convenience of easy entry to the Transit Connect. Load cargo or seat passengers through a wide portal when the doors open.

The conveniences come alive when you take the Ford Transit Connect out on the road for a test drive. Here at Greiner Ford of Casper, we can help you with that request.



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