Foolproof Fuel Efficiency With Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion makes it easy for drivers to achieve optimal efficiency on the road. It's no wonder Fusion is a top-selling mid-size sedan, with its EcoSelect and Brake Coaching. We here at Greiner Ford of Casper think Fusion is ideal for families and individuals, and here are two reasons why.

Efficiency at the Touch of a Button

"EcoSelect" refers to a single button-activated technology. When you press the EcoSelect button, the Fusion automatically adjusts for better fuel economy and energy usage. The heating and cooling systems draw less power, for example, while acceleration and deceleration occur to optimize fuel.

Brake Like a Champion Driver

Fusion's Brake Coach is a configurable screen that appears on the SmartGuage with EcoGuide LCD cluster whenever you bring your Fusion to a full stop. The Brake Coach displays a percentage that helps coach you to brake in a way that returns the most amount of energy to the regenerative braking system. As you become used to the feel of smart braking, you begin to do it automatically, returning more energy to the Fusion's battery whenever you brake.

To see for yourself, visit us at Greiner Ford of Casper, and test drive the Fusion today.



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