Smart Features of the Ford C-Max

America's first car company seeks to be an industry leader in the popular compact hybrid car class, offering drivers the Ford C-Max, a five-door hatchback model with plenty of cargo space and a variety of smart features to aid drivers in achieving the greatest fuel efficiency.

Allowing drivers to focus on what's important, the C-Max offers plenty of convenient features that streamline and simplify driving. Chief among these is the pushbutton start feature, which saves the driver fumbling with keys in the ignition. Another feature that aids drivers is the Park Assist option, which guides the driver when attempting to parallel park.

The C-Max's fuel efficiency features are amplified by its SmartGauge EcoGuide, which prompts the driver to utilize more conservative fuel habits, increasing their miles-per-gallon consumption rate. The LCD screen provides visual cues that alert the driver to better driving practices and graphic confirmation when the most efficient state is achieved.



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