Driving Habits That May Actually be Illegal

Here are a few bad driving habits that you should avoid when behind the wheel:

  • Using your phone in any way while driving distracts your attention away from the road. It may be hard to ignore your notifications when they go off, but it's crucial that you keep your eyes on the road.
  • Driving with headphones. Listening to music while driving, especially if it's too loud, is already a distraction. But, driving with your headphones on is even more dangerous. You could miss hearing important noises like emergency vehicles and cars honking.
  • Tailgating. Following too closely behind the car in front of you can happen when you aren't paying attention to the road and can be a form of aggressive driving. Allow at least a car length's space between you and the car in front of you. Otherwise you may get a ticket.Failure to signal when changing lanes. Using your blinker alerts other drivers that you're going to change lanes or make a turn. It is important to communicate your intentions to other drivers to avoid accidents and it may be the law.
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